Thursday, 19 September 2013

My fave moisturiser.

Well hello!

I recently ran out of my moisturiser. I'm not usually a person who buys the same product twice - partially because I can never actually find ones that I like enough, but also because I like to try new things. But upon finishing this this little pot of magic, I realised I couldn't live with out it, so I promptly went to the supermarket and picked up another. 

Let me tell you why I love Olay Moisturising Cream - Sensitive Skin.
1). It hydrates your skin, without leaving it oily.
2). It doesn't make you break-out.
3). It's light and smooth on application.
4). At $14.99 a pot, it absolutely won't break the bank.
5). It leaves no freaky residue, and you can build other products like sunscreen, primer, make-up etc. on top of it.

I think those are enough reasons to love it!

Did I go a little overboard with the love hearts? My apologies. I just want to emphasise that I love it.

Love always,


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